Dear Friends,

Sisters at a Crossroad is expanding its mission and artwork and changing our name. This is a traumatic time for all of us, with the coronavirus disrupting our lives on every level. The uncertainty is causing severe paralysis, both to us individually and to our entire society.  I know firsthand what the fear of imminent death is like.

“Over a decade ago. I was stricken with an undiagnosed neurological disorder that attacked my skin, bones, lungs, brain and spinal cord. It happened so quickly! It went from a facial twitch to complete paralysis within a few months. I’ve spent over three years in hospitals and rehab centers. My immune system is compromised so I continuously fight life-threatening infections. My movement is limited to a wheelchair, primarily confining me to home. Despite my illness, I have survived by reaching out to help others, particularly families in trauma” Cunningham continued.

“When I became President of Sisters at a Crossroad, I vowed to reach more families in trauma. It changed my life! My message is simple, LOVE and take care of your FAMILY, reassure them during this difficult time, don't allow fear to paralyze you! Reach out by phone and/or Facebook, encourage everyone to remain calm! Most importantly, I have learned that by reaching out to others you can change their lives, give them meaning and purpose, and that gives me something to live for” stated Cunningham.

To reach more families, we are merging with Children’s Development Group, they provide therapy to families and early childhood education which will complement our housing and economic empowerment programs. We are changing our name to Families at a Crossroad and finally, we are expanding our outreach from the North Country to Western New York State.

Join our LOVE CAMPAIGN and enjoy our virtual campaign activities while helping others. To get involved, go to and join us in helping families especially now when families need us the most.




Joan Cunningham, President

Sisters at a Crossroad



                                           EXPANSION OF SERVICES TO WESTERN, NEW YORK


Families at a Crossroad is expanding its outreach and mission to Western, N.Y.  The organization, a non-for-profit, that presently serves families in the North Country, provides permanent housing, mentorship, economic independence, therapy, early childhood education, and daycare for families.


Families recognizes that, the exponential growth of domestic violence, the opioid epidemic, and

communities suffering from economic stagnation, are the primary cause of families in trauma. Families, provides a holistic approach to addressing their need to heal.


“Due to the fact that families struggle to cope with pain and trauma; children particularly, are affected negatively, and our mission is to provide the tools for families to heal. Whether it be long-term housing, adult educational training, early childhood education, speech, occupational or behavioral therapy, we can reach families in a meaningful way,” said Joy Opoku, spokesperson for Families at a Crossroad.


“This spring, we will kick off our Love Campaign in the Buffalo Niagara Region. We all know someone we love, that has been abused either physically, emotionally, sexually, psychologically, and economically. Whether it be a friend, colleague, classmate, co-worker, or family member, it is our responsibility to show them love. As family members, we need to step up, and help them in any way we can,” Opoku continued.


Over the next few months we will be opening a Family Outreach Center, and sponsoring a series of events and activities to launch our Love Campaign. Due to the spread of the Coronavirus, all events will be held virtually on social media.  To get involved go to .






Copy of latest annual report may be obtained upon request from Families or from the New York State Attorney General's Charities Bureau at 28 Liberty St, 15th Floor, New York, New York 10005

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