Who is Inez Milholland?

Just a few miles from our office a woman is buried. Most people don’t know who she is and what she sacrificed. She gave her life over 100 years ago fighting for the right for women to vote. Her name is Inez Milholland. She died from exhaustion at 30 years old in 1916 after dedicating her life fighting for women’s right to vote. She, along with other courageous women fought for over a half a century for women’s rights - Unfortunately for Inez, she died four short years before the battle for women’s right to vote was won.

I have dedicated my life to continuing the battle for women's equality. Today, it is equally difficult - We have an epidemic of violence towards women and their children. Whether it be in a dorm, bar, or a home many women face violence almost on a daily basis. What would Inez think about the suffrage of women that prevails in our society?

Most importantly, what would she do? I suspect she would be inexhaustibly fighting for more change. Would she die for the cause of women’s equality? No doubt. I understand. I lie in my hospital bed wondering what it will take for the violence to stop. Sometimes I work through my pain hoping that the battle can be won!

I am paralyzed from the chest down, but not paralyzed to take action. I work with a dedicated group of folks who believe that through economic independence, women and children can free themselves from the violence. We provide housing, mentoring and family healing centers to help free the survivors from their trauma of violence.

Last winter they named a mountain for Inez. Mount Inez is tough to climb but the journey is worth it. Please join us in climbing the mountain of stopping violence in our homes, honoring a very special lady who gave her life for equality. Go to sistersataacrossroad. org or on Facebook to join us.


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