Here are some of their stories:


He was obese in high school and bullied by everyone. Thrown out of his stepmom's home at 16, he turned to alcohol and drugs to try to stop the pain. He became a wanderer spending his nights on couches of friends and relatives. As his addictions got worse, he fell into relationships of abuse both male and female. By the time he showed up at our dove, he was homeless, lost, dirty and defeated. In a few short weeks he stopped smoking & getting stoned and began to study. He enrolled for college. His on-going addiction with video games is still a battle. He is a work in progress.


A DUI had put her behind bars. Her abusive, drug addicted boyfriend – the father of her three children had caused her to drink - to try to forget the pain and humiliation of the abuse. Seven long months in jail, ripped apart from her children – the youngest only 7 months old. She tried to reconcile with her babies’ daddy for their sake. He viciously attacked her almost choking her to death. Her 2 oldest understood their dad, a 15-year addict that lived off of their mom is a bad guy. The healing begins. She now lives in our apartments, walks her two oldest to school each day and works 2 part time jobs. Connie is now strong -free from the man who almost destroyed her , free to raise her children without fear and uncertainty.


She was naked, locked outside, shaking and afraid for her babies inside with him! He had thrown her out again this time to really punish her. When she finally got back in, she called her aunt. Her aunt called us and we drove the 200 miles and brought Sherry home to her aunt along with her two beautiful children. The same day they arrived, we took her to the school to enroll her girls, both traumatized by the damage of abuse. Sherry got a job at a cafeteria and walks her kids back and forth from school every day. Today she and her children are free from the abuse.


She is transitioning a tough mental battle that she has been fighting since she was 15. That’s when she met her real dad. She has struggled with relationships since that day. At 16 she was pregnant, a one-night stand with someone she really didn't like. At 22 she suffered from severe anxiety attacks. Emma turned to anti-depressants and anxiety medication . Even though she thought she had it all. Her second child a beautiful little girl born with complications had survived a difficult first 12 weeks of life in the hospital. Her boyfriend had bought a home. She thought they were happy – they had it all! Then the roof fell in. Emma caught him in their bed with her best friend! She left, now severely dependent on the anxiety medications. Over the next decade she would go from one loveless relationship to the next usually moving her and the children in with them, sometimes having them moving in with her. Her oldest suffered from an absentee dad who made promises to him and always broke his heart. Her youngest protected from the bedlam by spending weekends with her dad. Emma lived in a 6 year plus loveless relationship. She accepted the arrangement knowing he won't break her heart by cheating.

Emma looks around at her life as her brain becomes vibrant again after a 20-year shutdown and she's afraid. She looks at a friend and wonders why she can't see what Emma sees now? Mostly she forces herself to face her new reality focusing on family, her career and her future. Thanks to Sisters, she will make it.

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